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' where do we go from here ' - bellyn

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June 13th, 2005

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03:11 pm - ' where do we go from here '
My trip to Roma was great.
It was everything I dreamed and probobly even better.
I've seen and learned so much in one week. This leaves me with all sorts of questions about who I am and what my statements are.

I guess I don't really know that right now. I just have to take a little more time to find that out.
But seriously if you ever get the chance to go to Roma, you have to take it! It'll be worth it.

I still haven't found a Room. I really must hurry up, because i've to live in amsterdam by the end of august. I'm very excited to leave my current adress. But also a bit sad, because thins are going quite fine right now and I know that will change. I've great friends down here, but I'm also pretty sure that we won't stay friends when I move to Amsterdam and won't be around very much. Ah well true friends last longer than that, so it'll also be a good thing. Because I'll learn in time who are my real friends...
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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